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Celeto Poodles is nestled on a beautiful wooded acre in St. Charles, IL. where we are committed to breeding and raising top quality AKC Standard and Miniature Poodles. We believe that breeding poodles is an honor and a privilege. Our vision, planning, and extensive research of pedigrees result in producing gorgeous poodles with superior health, temperament, & beauty that meets the breed standard as set forth by the Poodle Club Of America.

All of our breedings are carefully planned using fully health tested adults before they are bred.
Our personal dogs are all family members and live with us in our home. Our puppies are raised & handled daily from the moment they are born to encourage and develop sound temperaments that we enjoy in both our Standard & Miniature Poodles. We take pride in matching the right puppy with your family. Whether you are searching for a beautiful show dog, a partner for agility or obedience, therapy dog, grooming competitor, or a beloved family companion; Celeto Standard & Miniature Poodles can fulfill all of these desires.
Celeto Standard & Miniature Poodles would like to thank you for taking the time to browse our website. As you browse through the pages, our wish is that you will not only enjoy our beautiful Poodles, but also appreciate the honesty, transparency and dedication we have in presenting you healthy and lovingly cared for poodles. We begin nurturing their wonderful spirit from the day they are born, so that they pass from our home to yours with the best possible start in life.  Please take a look around & let us know if we can be assistance to you in your search for a quality Standard or Miniature poodle.
Doodles or ANY "Designer" or cross breeds:
As responsible & ethical breeders of purebred Standard & Miniature Poodles, we do
NOT support the cross-breeding of poodles to any other breed. Please do not contact me if you want any type of "doodle". If you are looking for one of these "designer" dogs, please look at your local shelter.

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No Puppies at this time

All Celeto puppies are sold as companion puppies with no breeding rights on a spay/neuter contract, with AKC Limited Registration.
Anyone that is interested in one of our puppies please take a look at our puppy page to learn how our puppies are raised and where you can find the link to the Prospective Puppy Buyer Application that must be filled out and sent to us. You can also see past litters.

Canine Influenza Outbreak 2015:
We have been getting lots of questions regarding this outbreak. We would like to share the most current information that we have at this time that we received from our veterinarian at Woodstock Animal Hospital.
"On April 13, 2015, Dr. Kimberly May from the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) released an article addressing the concerns of the outbreak.  According to a press release issued on Sunday (April 12, 2015) by Cornell University, "the outbreak of influenza in the Chicago area has been traced to a different strain of the virus than originally believed, and actually marks the first identification of the H3N2 subtype outside of Asia.  The testing indicates that the outbreak was caused by "a virus closely related to the Asian strains of influenza, a H3N2 virus," not the H3N8 subtype that has been seen in the United States previously."
It is not yet known if the current available H3N8 vaccines will provide any cross-immunity to dogs exposed to the H3N2 subtype.  For this reason, the Animal Hospital of Woodstock will not be administering the canine influenza vaccine until more concrete evidence is available pertaining to vaccine efficacy.  If your dog is experiencing any of the following symptoms, please contact the clinic as these are possible symptoms of the disease: a soft, moist cough or dry cough similar to that induced by kennel cough; discharge from the nose or eyes; sneezing; lethargy; low-grade fever; and loss of appetite.  
We will keep you informed of any changes as we become aware of them."

This canine flu strain spreads via respiratory secretions and contaminated objects such as food and water bowls, collars and leashes and people moving between infected and uninfected dogs. The virus can remain alive and able to infect on surfaces for up to 48 hours, on clothing for 24 hours and hands for 12 hours. 

Prevention: Good hand hygiene washing with soap and water  between handling all pets, after coming in contact with dog's bodily secretions, cleaning crates etc. Although humans cannot get dog flu, they can carry/spread it. Celeto Poodles recommends avoiding high dog concentration areas (dog parks, Kennels etc.) until the outbreak resolves.

Treatment, as for many viruses, is symptomatic and trying to prevent secondary bacterial infections.

Below is the latest information from The Royal Treatment Veterinary Center in Chicago, IL.

"At home:

Excellent high protein, low carbohydrate, moisture appropriate food.

Fresh clean water, extra healing fluids (chicken broth, bone broth) warmth, low stress, rest

Supplements to support the respiratory system & immune system -

· Possible medical treatments include antibiotics for secondary infections
· Fluids to maintain hydration and clearing (Oral, SQ or IV)
· Possible hospitalization if pneumonia is present
· Fresh clean water
· Also Extra healing fluids – Chicken broths, bone broths
· Warm, rest, low stress, TLC
· If congested: Steam in bathroom 1-3 x daily
· If still congested: Once a day– can steam and add essential oil treatment using ONE DROP of Essential Oil Respiratory Clearing Combination (available at RTVC) on a cotton ball in the bathroom to help clear sinuses.

Parainfluenza Virus plus Bordatella bronchiseptica commonly found in animals that are ill, but there are other viruses and bacteria that can play a role.  Typically signs will last only 5-10 days.  Vaccines can help prevent.  There is an oral bordatella vaccine that us effective and safe.  The intranasal vaccine for bordatella typically also contains a vaccine for the parainfluenza virus.

But even though most animals in kennels have been vaccinated, this outbreak is still happening.  So the vaccine is not necessarily as protective as we would like.  The Kennel Cough vaccine only protects about 40% of dogs.

Vaccinating can cause a temporary decrease in the immune response (5-10 days) so there may even be some risks be careful if you are vaccinating during an outbreak if pet is going to be exposed during that time. It is possible that the oral and intranasal vaccines do not carry the same decrease immunity risk as the injectable forms of the vaccine."